The Letter of the Law

Four Reasons To Hire A Defense Attorney

Most people that find themselves in trouble with the law are probably aware that they have the right to an attorney (especially since the police are required to inform them), not everyone decides to exercise that right by hiring their own - instead, they rely on the court-appointed attorney to help them. While most attorneys appointed by the court are certainly able to help, there is something extra special about hiring your own defense attorney that works for you, instead of the state.

Below are a few reasons you should seriously consider hiring your own attorney. If any of them apply to you, reach out to your local law firm for help.

They Know the Law

If you've never been in a courtroom before, it can be an intimidating experience, not to mention a little bit confusing. A good defense attorney is familiar with not only the judges and the other prosecutors, they're also familiar with the law, which means they can advise you as to the best course of action to take in this specific circumstance. They know how plea deals work (and how to structure them), as well as your rights during the trial. If you have to stand trial, it helps to have someone in your corner that has been there before.

They Know Your Case

While your case may be new to you, chances are your defense attorney has handled dozens of cases similar to yours in the past. They know the outcome of certain actions, they know how a jury will most likely react, and they know how to structure the evidence in a way that will give you the best possible outcome. Even if you think you know all the facts, their team of legal experts and private investigators will look into every nook and cranny of your case to uncover what really happened and explain it in such a way that is honest and respectful.

They Know the Aftermath

A good defense attorney will not only know how to present your case in the most appropriate light, they'll also know the outcome of every possible scenario. Instead of lying to you to make you feel better about your situation, they'll explain the situation honestly, as well as what you can expect throughout the process. They'll know when to argue for more leniency and when you should accept the ruling. In the midst of an otherwise scary situation, a good defense lawyer will bring some objectivity and consistency to the experience.