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3 Instances When You Will Need The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer

People look for the services of an immigration lawyer when they need to migrate into the country or when facing complications like imminent deportation. The immigration lawyer is not connected to the immigration department and will give you objective advice and guidance on how to resolve your issues with the department. Here are four instances when you will need the services of an immigration lawyer.

When Unsure of Your Green Card Status

You can contact an immigration lawyer when not sure about the state of your green card benefits. The green card gives you the right to live and work within the country, but it comes with specific terms. You are also entitled to some health and educational benefits when you have a green card. As an immigrant, you might not be sure about all the benefits. The immigration lawyer will help you understand it fully. 

When Facing Deportation

You might also need the services of an immigration lawyer when the government has notified you of deportation or removal proceedings they have instituted against you. Typically, the government will institute these removal proceedings against you when you have violated the terms of your green card. Getting involved in criminal activities can also lead to deportation. Also, people get deported when the authorities discover they have been in the country illegally. Marriage fraud and drug crimes are two other reasons for deportation. The immigration lawyer can look at the charges the prosecutors have brought against you and help you form a case to help you remain within the country. You can also contact a lawyer after you have been deported and wish to apply to return. 

When You Want to Immigrate

People look for an immigration lawyer if they applied for a visa or green card in the past and got turned down. The lawyer will offer advice and guidance based on the mistakes they believe might have cost you the visa. They will also assist you if you are applying for a first-time investment-based visa. The lawyer comes in handy when you assess the documents you need to fill out and discover they are too complex and time-consuming. They will help you with all the paperwork.

The crucial thing is to choose a trusted and reliable immigration lawyer, like Daniel Masse Lawyer, to handle your case. The lawyer can help you navigate all the complexities of immigration and get full citizenship. Immigration will be easy and fast with their assistance.